Lip balm


Do you use lipstick for long periods of time? 
Ever experienced chapped, dry and cracked lips, or even peeling lip skin? 
Then this lip balm is for you!

  • Created to target the problem of chapped lips, and Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, this lip balm keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth!
  • The long-lasting effect of the product keeps your lips looking super kissable!
  • So why not try this out? After all the make up you put on your lips, they deserve a break. Pamper your lips a little today!

-Helps brighten the color of the lips , gives a nice natural pink glow!
-Heals chapped lips due to irritation and makes it supple and moist
-Nourishes your lip skin with nutrients and vitamins
-Moisturizes lips and prevent them from being dried out easily
-Long-lasting moisture
-Removes wrinkles so your lips look smoother

-Sun protection
-Can be used on nipples too

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Strawberry extract
Avocado Oil
Petroleum Jelly
Mulberry Extract
Shea Butter
Extra Mucus Slugs

Apply lip balm 3-5 times daily / as often as needed / before bedtime so lips feel better overnight.

Net weight : 10G

GMP Certified and FDA Approved.
Swanheartx is a certified official distributor of Wink White company products.
This product is 100% authentic and made of natural ingredients, so there will be no harmful side effects to your lips.


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