Pancea Fiber


You will be surprised to see how much your tummy can flatten and slim down, when you detoxify your body and treat the underlying issues, such as constipation, flatulence, and indigestion!

* Do you struggle with belly fat, or bloating… especially at the tummy area?
* Do you feel constipated, and find difficulty with your bowel movements, despite making an effort to consume more fruits and vegetables?
* Do you suffer from poor digestion, flatulence, and other embarrassing and frustrating issues?
* These problems are common amongst women especially, and you are definitely not alone!
* Fortunately, Pancea Fiber is able to offer a solution!

– Halal Certified
– Tastes great, like a sweet berry drink! (I am personally taking it!)
– Very effective and popular in Thailand, with tons of reviews and Before/After testimonials from REAL people!
– Manufactured by WINK WHITE, 1 of Thailand’s TOP companies / brand, the same company which brought you famous products like Gluta Wink White Soaps & Lotion, Fruitamin Soap, Gluta Pancea, Pancea Slim, Pancea Coffee, Wink White Lip Balm etc!
– FDA Approved, GMP Certified, All natural ingredients, Safe to consume, with no side effects!

Did you know that our bodies retain lots of toxins and poisons, from many different factors such as the environment around us and the food we consume? 
These deposits of toxins in the body prevent proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients, leading to the emergence of breakouts, dull skin, premature ageing and a host of other health-related problems.

For those of you who have tried various weight loss products but see no visible results: Why is that so? 
That is simply because your body’s absorption of the nutrients is impaired, and therefore has a resistance to supplements and the absorption of nutrients!

So how do we tackle this issue? How can we make our bodies healthy again? 
Here, we have the Pancea Fiber Detox, a product that not only aids in detoxification of your body so as to restore its original health, but also offers all sorts of other benefits!:

-Detoxification of body to allow better absorption of nutrients and vitamins
-Helps to excrete waste products from the body
-High fiber, Helps to reduce constipation
-Helps with weight loss and improving body shape
-Flattens and slims the tummy
-In addition to good health, the natural berries extracts also make the skin fair and smooth, thus resulting in Brighter, glowing, healthier skin

Recommended 7-day DETOX process.
Step 1: Pour 1 sachet of Pancea Fiber in a glass
Step 2: Add about 150ml of water (cold water is fine). Stir and mix well.
* Consume 1 sachet around bed time.

7 sachets in 1box


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