White Cream


White Cream by Wink White is a whitening night cream, and an intensive skin brightening accelerator filled with various vitamins from vegetables to deeply nourish skin
during sleep.
It’s the excellent treatment of all skin problems such as uneven skin tone, dull and damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and scars.

It now appears in a new packaging and formula with 5x booster of rose placenta extract (Damask rose) for skin whitening and to fight against anti-aging by accelerating
skin cells regeneration and renewal.
The new formula is 5 times more advanced than ever before, 5 times more white.

Concentrated whitening effect seen in 5-7 days
Just apply and leave it overnight.


– Acts like an overnight whitening body mask, in a non sticky formula
– Helps exfoliate and shed dead skin cells
– Accelerate skin cells regeneration and renewal.
– Stimulates the production of collagen ?to slow down aging
– Lightening of dark spots , unwanted marks and scars.
– Repairs uneven skin tone and discolouration.
– Promotes skin brightness ?for a healthy radiant younger looking skin.
– Fast absorb, non greasy or sticky.
– Fights against free radicals. Antioxidant activity.
– Helps restore the skin while sleeping

Rich in extracts of Rose Placenta, and It also contains various types of vitamins & vegetable extracts to deeply nourish skin such as:

– Tomato Extract : has high antioxidants properties, prevents free radical damage and contains both vitamin C & E.

– Pumpkin Extract : helps soften and soothes the skin, boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.

– Carrot Extract : keeps skin healthy and vibrant, rich in vitamin A and repairs skin tissue.

– Cucumber Extract : soothing and calms skin.

– Avocado Extract: moisturizes , soften skin and enhances skin radiance.

– Radish Extract: promotes younger looking skin, rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C

Apply and massage product thoroughly till fully absorbed, before bed. no need to wash off.

– Use it daily after shower and before bed.
-Apply slightly more product on desired or dark/dry areas that needs more attention. Examples: neck, elbow, knees, armpit, groins and even on feet.

Suitable for all types of skin, male & females

Net weight: 80ML

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5910000999

Besides using cream in the night for repairing your skin , grab the day time body lotion too.
It works the same and contains all the goodness as the night cream but with additional benefits of SPF 60 PA+++ that protect your skin against uva rays.
If you don’t protect your skin first, no matter how many types of product you invest in, you will not be able to achieve and maintain whitening results.

So remember to protect your skin in the day and then rejuvenate your skin in the night.


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