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Wink White Whitening Body Lotion SPF PA+++
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Gluta Wink White Lotion Whitening Moisturizer Sunblock SPF60 is the bestseller star product in Thailand for its skin whitening and sun protection properties, as well as its sweet smelling fragrance!
You can easily Google for countless positive reviews, as well as Before-After results photos from thousands of real people and customers!

Now, Wink White company brings you a brand new body lotion with new formulation, ingredients, and a makeover in terms of branding and packaging too!
Presenting: Wink White Whitening Body Lotion SPF PA +++

  • PA followed by plus signs (PA+++, for example) is a designation used in Japan to rate the UVA protection of a sunscreen
  • It refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from UVA rays (the rays that may cause long term skin damage and therefore age the skin)
  • The number of “+” plus symbols after the “PA” indicate the level of UVA protection;
  • For example, PA+ means the sunscreen provides some protection against UVA rays,
  • PA++ indicates moderate protection,
  • while PA+++ shows the maximum protective abilities against UVA rays.

Wink White Miracle Lotion Is rich with high quality, premium ingredients:

  • Black tomato, as it’s called “Kumato” in Korea contains Lycopene, in which the nourishing vitamins are 3 times more than that of ordinary tomatoes, which producines concentrated nourishing vitamins to whiten skin, detoxify, and slow down the degeneration of skin cells.
  • White Strawberries Imported from Japan, contains antioxidant substances which stimulate production of skin cells collagen.
  • Enriched with nourishing vitamins with various concentrated extractions, such as Vitamin B3, Aloevera, Cucumber, Cactus etc.

– Brightens amd whitens skin
– Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
– Softens and moisturizes even the roughest skin
– Inhibits melanin which causes skin darkening
– Enhances and strengthens skin collagen
– Anti-aging, smooths out fine lines, and delays wrinkles
– Reduce the clogging of pores, detox dirt and waste from skin
– Protect skin from sun damage and pollution.

– Can be used on body and even face too
– The lightweight lotion texture doesn’t make skin feel sticky or greasy at all, and it even works well under makeup.
– The formula is loaded with state-of-the-art, high quality, natural anti-aging ingredients
– Skin is treated to an impressive mix of skin-repairing and antioxidant ingredients and the formula is completed with a very pleasant sweet smelling fragrance
– Reveals brighter and glowing skin from natural extracts. Gives radiant aura look.
– Revives and Restores dried and damaged skin. Nourishes for healthy skin.
– Suitable for all skin types
– Results can be seen in 7 days!

FDA Approved and GMP Certified


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